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Divorce Lawyers In Toronto

Divorce Lawyers Toronto



If you landed on this page, you most likely are looking for an experienced Divorce Lawyer in Toronto. Rely on Gottlieb Law Firm when you demand excellence, commitment and experience. 


Separation agreements and court orders can resolve some family matters when you separate, but they do not legally end your marriage. The only way to legally end your marriage is to get a divorce.


If you are thinking about getting a divorce in Toronto, one thing you should know is the difference between types of divorce proceedings. In the province of Ontario, divorcing couples have the option of contested and uncontested divorce proceedings. 


An uncontested divorce occurs when neither spouse opposes the divorce.


When spouses are unable to agree on all of the corollary issues such as custody, access, support and property division, and need a court to help resolve them, a general application is filed. Typically contested divorces are more emotionally charged because of the sensitive subject matter of the issues being disputed. There are several reasons to want to contest a divorce, for instance: proposed decision-making and visitation scheduling for children, division of assets, spousal and/or child support amounts.


Each of these topics can require an intense a significant amount of legal work in order to come to either an agreement or court order, making a contested divorce the more complex and time-consuming option.


Our experienced divorce lawyers in Toronto are well able to explain and guide you through these complex choices.

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