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Denise Slater first joined Gottlieb Law Firm in 1997 when she appeared on the scene as a Co-op Student in her Legal Assistant programme. Her contribution to the firm began immediately. We welcomed her graduation from Centennial College's two-year Legal Assistant programme that same year. After taking some time off to parent her two terrific boys, she officially joined Gottlieb Law Firm in January 2004 where her dedication and professionalism have endeared her to the firm's clients and lawyers. 


Over the years, Denise has played an integral role in developing and managing the firm. She works exclusively in the area of family law, and devotes her skills to client management, file preparation, accounting and office management. Denise brings her enthusiasm, her bright and warm nature, passion and joyfulness to the practice of family law.  She is an essential member of our team.


With over 50 years of combined experience

in Family, Divorce and Child Protection Law.

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