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Business lady


"I am so thankful that Ayesha Rafiq was my lawyer. I am happy for all the help and generosity Ayesha had given me through all of this. She listened to what we had to say. She was not sexist, judgemental nor was she biased like my previous lawyer, who caused me a lot of emotional distress and anxiety. 


Ayesha has been very emotionally supportive. Many other female lawyers can learn a lot from her. The past decade has truly been a nightmare and I am happy to know that this chapter is done and over with, all thanks to Ayesha’s help.


I also want to thank the clerks, Akash and Arooza who were always more than kind during any of the communications we have had.  

We will definitely tell everyone we know or come across about Ayesha and your law firm. 


- J.P.

Happy Man


"My life is going really well. Gary really came through for me. I have just bought a house, two houses actually and I am doing extremely well with my investments. That is Freedom. Freedom is what you gave me. Thank you again Gary. You more than delivered. "


- C.S.

Smiling Man


"I just wanted to take a minute to tell you how thankful I am to be working with your law firm, specifically with Ms. Rafiq! I have no doubt that I made the right choice choosing you and Ayesha and I couldn’t be happier with not only her work but how she has treated me throughout the whole process so far. Besides being professional and thorough with my case, she has been nothing but friendly, caring, empathetic and a pleasure to deal with. She helped me in so many ways even if it was just talking me off the ledge some days when I felt like giving up and she has worked so hard on my case and has just done an amazing job!


You probably already know this but I just wanted to let you know that you have a very amazing woman and lawyer working for you and I couldn’t be happier as a client.


Thank you so much for taking on my case and introducing me to a lawyer who actually cares and is doing everything to make my voice heard. Having Ayesha in my corner has put my mind to ease and made the obstacles I have faced so much easier to deal with and I have full trust and confidence in her.


I will definitely let anyone I know going through similar issues about your law firm and send them your way. My experience has just been so great and seamless and I couldn’t be more happy and grateful for that."

- M.M.


"I was referred to Gary Gottlieb by another lawyer due to my high conflict case. From our very first introduction, I knew this was the firm for me. Even prior to meeting Gary, his office staff greeted me with warmth and a high level of energy and support.”

- H.W.


"Forever grateful to you, Mr. Gottlieb. A good lawyer definitely deserves to receive the same respect as a good doctor if not more. Especially a righteous, skillful, gutsy, yet kind and compassionate one like you. You can help someone in trouble to have peace of mind and to sleep better because they realize that they are in good hands."

- A.A.


"Gary is an excellent family-law lawyer with an abundance of smarts and common sense and is well-respected in his field. Highly recommended."

- B.H.

Bearded Man


"I just wanted to share my wonderful experience with Mr. Gary Gottlieb and Ryan Aalto, Mr. Ryan Aalto is extremely professional, clever, responsive and proactive, Mr.Gary Gottlieb is extremely assertive, responsive, confident and intuitive in many ways. I came to Mr.Gottlieb for family separation, custody, and access issues in my personal life, and initially I had come from dismissing my previous counsel from another law firm for incompetence and a family matter case on the verge of completely collapsing in front of me with no hopes of ever seen my 3 children for a long time and Mr.Gottlieb almost immediately replied to my online solicitation request right from his website on a Sunday morning, I was thrilled to see such prompt response from Mr.Gottlieb himself directly to book an initial in-person consultation in his office, Monday morning came I booked an appointment for the same day and I sat down with Mr.Gottlieb and Mr.Ryan Aalto for almost 2 hours discussing my case and ultimately took me in, what a relief to hear Mr.Gottlieb saw the potential in my case. Mr. Ryan Aalto then took on my case with great amounts of detail and kindness, my case 's urgent conference came about and Mr. Gottlieb and Mr. Ryan Aalto were ready to fight and successfully made it possible for me to see my beautiful little angels I had not seen or had any contact with for almost 6 weeks due to the extremely high conflict separation and CCAS (catholic children's aid society) involvement, Mr. Gottlieb is a highly respected counsel that never takes "NO" for an answer, extremely smart and intuitive and never beats around the bush, super straight forward and relentless, They were both GOD sent and I trust them 110% with my case, best choice I ever made and now I will be celebrating THANKSGIVING with my angels at home very happily all thanks to the leverage Mr.Gottlieb, Mr.Aalto and the firm possess by collaboratively working together and a thinking outside the box approach. VERY VERY IMPRESSED WITH THE COURT OUTCOMES...THEY GAVE ME MY LIFE BACK...MY CHILDREN!

THANK YOU Mr. Gottlieb and Mr. Aalto and all your office staff."


- R.G.


"I can’t express the gratitude towards Gary, Ryan, Ayesha and Denise. This team took on my case rife with all the complications one could expect from dealing with a bitter, mean, nasty person. Their guidance and level headedness kept emotions in check and provided a solid foundation to move forward from. They established a working relationship with the opposite side to bring my case to closure in a very timely fashion. I am more than pleased with the results. A big thank you to everyone who was involved."

- C.S.


"Love the law clerks! Such a great group! Great advocates, thorough and efficient. It was a pleasure getting to know Gary and the team! I could not be happier with your firms services! I will miss you all!!! And I hope, and trust, that you are all staying safe and healthy! Thank you so much for everything!!!!"

- D.B.


"I would like to thank you so much for your firms help with my case. I also want you to know, Mira’s work is absolutely exceptional. I’m very pleased with her service. She’s the best lawyer I’ve ever had."

- A.Z.

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