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Child Protection Lawyers North York




If you landed on this page, you may require the assistance of a child protection lawyer in North York. Rely on Gottlieb Law Firm when you demand excellence, commitment and experience. 

Children’s Aid Societies (CAS) across Ontario are charged with ensuring the protection and safety of children.  Social workers investigate allegations of risk of harm to children by speaking with parents, doctors, teachers and other community members.  If a child in your care has come to the attention of a CAS, having effective and experienced counsel to guide you is imperative.  Parents and other caregivers have legal rights that can only be protected by a child protection lawyer with experience dealing with these complex cases. Sometimes, the CAS works voluntarily with a family, but even when there is an agreement to accept services, information you give to a CAS worker can be used to build a case against you.  While CAS workers offer services to families to assist them in parenting their children, they are perform another function, more like that of a police officer.  We can assist you in speaking with the CAS, protecting the integrity of your family and if the CAS has taken you to court, we can advocate on your behalf to ensure the judge hears your side of the story.


Circumstances like loss of housing, loss of employment and domestic violence can lead to the involvement of a CAS.  Many times, these negative life events are beyond your control, yet a CAS may view them as reasons to remove a child from a family, or to impose conditions, which are framed as optional, but really are not.  There is nothing more important to you than your children and the threat to your relationship with them is tremendously stressful and anxiety provoking. We can help navigate your involvement with the CAS to achieve the best possible outcome for you and your children.

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